4D3N Nature Tour

Boat cruise on the Kinabatangan river

Welcome to this tour adventure that will immerse you in the breathtaking natural wonders of Borneo. From witnessing sea turtles laying eggs on Selingan Turtle Island to getting up close with Orang Utans and Sun Bears in their natural habitat, this journey promises a unique blend of wildlife encounters and conservation experiences.

3D2N Sandakan and River Adventure Tour

A tourist boat on the Kinabatangan River

From the awe-inspiring Gomantong Caves to the wildlife-rich Kinabatangan River, every moment is a testament to the incredible biodiversity of this region.

3D2N Sandakan and Kinabatangan Tour

Tourist group watching an orangutan at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre

As you embark on this incredible adventure through Borneo’s natural wonders, you’ll not only witness the captivating beauty of its wildlife and rainforests but also contribute to the conservation efforts aimed at preserving these precious treasures for generations to come.

3D2N Sandakan Borneo Tour

a sun bear on a log wood

From witnessing the Orang Utans’ heartwarming journey to embracing the conservation efforts for Sun Bears and immersing yourself in the lush rainforest, it’s a day filled with wonder and discovery.

3D2N Jungle Safari

a monkey walking on a tree branch

Embarking on this 3-day adventure in Sandakan, Sepilok, Bilit, and the Kinabatangan River promises an unforgettable experience filled with wildlife encounters, breathtaking landscapes, and the magic of Borneo’s rainforests.

3D2N Nature Tour

a wooden bridge inside kinabatangan river jungle

Experience the ultimate Borneo wildlife adventure on this 3-day journey. Explore Selingan Turtle Island, witness orangutans in their natural

2D1N Wildlife Adventure

pygmy elephant going into kinabatangan river

BOOK THIS TOUR Exploring Sandakan, Sepilok Orang Utan Centre, Bilit, and Kinabatangan River is a journey that combines natural beauty, wildlife encounters, and cultural experiences. From witnessing Orang Utans in their natural habitat to cruising along the Kinabatangan River and exploring the magnificent Gomantong Caves, every moment is a chance to create lasting memories. Whether […]

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